“white kid gloves”

(1) No one, who is going to a party, ever fails to brush his hair;
(2) No one looks fascinating, if he is untidy;

(3) Opium-eaters have no self-command;
(4) Every one, who has brushed his hair, looks fascinating;
(5) No one wears white kid gloves, unless he is going to a party;
(6) A man is always untidy, if he has no self-command.

Univ. “persons”; a = going to a party; b = having brushed one’s hair; c = having self-command; d = looking fascinating; e = opium-eaters; h = tidy; k = wearing white kid gloves.

Sets of Concrete Propositions, proposed as Premisses for Soriteses: Conclusions to be found

Lewis Carroll: Symbolic Logic, 1896